Shaun Sadree

Shaun Sadree

Shaun Sadree

CEO/ President

Shaun Sadree is a self-educated entrepreneur with a passion for people and the arts. As an entrepreneur, who started many business ventures with little to no start up money, many people told him he was crazy for trying. Shaun believes, and always has, that honesty and hard work will earn a reputation that people would talk about. He was right.  Also, Shaun has many strong holds. One of them is spotting talent in other people. Shaun has been finding people with exceptional abilities and placing them where they are the strongest. It is this very detail that gives clients of Sadree Web Design their razor sharp edge!

And, Sadree’s talents in design and marketing have placed many small businesses above their competition.  Shaun always looks for simple solutions, and usually finds them, even for the most complex problems.  “A calm mind will always find solutions.”

Most of all, you need Shaun if you are trying to do it yourself, or have a guy that is never available.  Shaun is your main point of contact and he will get things done for you.  His work ethic and dedication to deliver sets him apart from the rest.  He is a hard-working individual who isn’t afraid to own his mistakes.

Words from our CEO

“I look to my shortcomings as building blocks for my success.  Not everything I do is a sure win.  I am always ready to learn and make adjustments whenever necessary.  It is this ability to learn, that makes winners.”

About Integrity

“Nobody can guarantee first page placement in the search engines.  I get calls every day from sales people too young to know what SEO is.  They all make promises to place my other businesses in the top of page one, but when I ask them are they doing SEO or SEM, they all hang up.”

“Price is what always drives people to spend MORE not less! Do it right the first time or don’t waste your money.”