“To help the local business economy grow one business at a time, while creating jobs for talented individuals out of work”.

The most gratifying thing one can experience is helping someone else achieve success.  This empowerment is shared by both parties.  Here at Sadree Designs, our reputation means more to us than anything else in life.  We believe that the true rewards in life come in other forms of currency than just money.  We put passion behind every project we take on from start to finish.  Our work is more than another paycheck.  We feel that, if we put our name on it, then our work has to be worth something.  Sadree is our family name, and integrity is our trademark.


The Highest Forms of Currency

We believe that respect and trust are the highest forms of currency available anywhere in the world.  A solid reputation comes with lots of trust behind it. Respect can be earned easily, but if compromised will become very hard to win back. Without respect, there is simply no trust.  Earning trust takes time to establish, but with one act of good faith after another, trust is then earned. We hold highly the level of trust our clients have paid us over the years. We work hard keeping our relationships strong. It has been this concept that has become the foundation of Sadree Designs.  We have always been told that integrity is standard equipment on all Sadree units.


Dr. Sadree, M.D

I have held on to many words of wisdom from my father, who believed that your reputation in life is most important …he was well known in the medical community all the way to his retirement. Dad had a belief that there are things in life that cannot be taken away… he was RIGHT.

“Education is important, because your reputation is most important.  Nobody can take that away from you.  Be good at what you do, and always do your best.”

-Assadolah Sadree, M.D.