Marketing 101: the Basics

Marketing is the cornerstone of all advertising. Without marketing, advertising would be a pointless waste of time and money. I hear many business owners say “Word of mouth is my best form of advertising”. Actually, word of mouth is marketing. Advertising is exposure. Marketing is how you separate your business from others like it. There are many landscaping companies out there, but yours may specialize in a style that sets it apart from the rest.


 Internet Marketing

marketing teamCommon mistakes people make when it comes to web marketing is following a “cookie cutter” mentality. The Internet has leveled the playing field so much so that a small company can appear larger than the giant in any industry! This is a huge advantage that small businesses never had in the past. A large company may employ a team of marketeers to work in house for them. This comes with a huge cost to add to their overhead. A small business can outsource this to Sadree Web Design, that will put a team together for them. This is done at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.


Stand Above the Rest

There are many other businesses like yours on the web for your customers to access with a simple click of the mouse. True, positioning is important, but SEO is more than just visibility to be effective. Your credibility is a very important part of the total package.

If your website looks like a 12 year old pieced it together, what does that say about your credibility? There are many aspects of credibility to consider. Although text content is vital to the site visitor and the search engine, pictures can also sell your brand.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

websites graphicsPictures can speak louder than any amount of words can describe because an image in the minds of your prospective customers can fill in the blanks for them before they even ask the first question. Also, a web page filled with only blocks of text can overwhelm your audience, and they can quickly back out of your website. When using images, pick ones that support the text so your site visitors will want to read more. Keeping it interesting is also important if you want to keep your site visitors glued to your page.  Nobody want’s to read about your kids birthday, so stay on topic. Information on your page is what your site visitors are there to find, but only valuable information. Generic information is everywhere online. Specify what exactly makes you different and you will stand out from the rest.


Do You Stand Out?

MarketingThe goal of Internet marketing is to stand out against the rest in your industry.  At Sadree Designs, we study your business and also those that rank higher than you.  To place you above them, we have to see exactly what they are doing that you are not.  In addition, we also look to see what they are not doing.  This level of scrutiny is how we stand out.  What is it about your business that sets you apart the rest.  What would make a site visitor want to hire you?