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Your Success IS Our Business!

shaun sadreeAre tired of being at the mercy of the phone book, your web guy, or your brother-in-law that built your website… You need to understand the internet to know the value of being found on it.  If your sales are down or you just want more business… I urge you to contact me today. My name is Shaun Sadree. I am a successful working artist in a bad economy.  Due to changes in the economic landscape, I had to take matters into my own hands. I found the use of the internet to boost my businesses to be especially relevant.  Most of my sales come from the internet,  because my customers can find me.  Most of all, when they do, clients know right away we are a fit.  As a result, my salvation was, is and will always be the Internet.

 What we Do

what we doI have a method that will put the key to success right in your own hands (where it belongs). Like you, I’ve tried everything under the sun.  Advertising is never guaranteed because it’s trial and error.  Therefore, why gamble your hard earned money? I can show you how to position your company above your competition no matter your size or their’s. My skilled programmers know the web and stay current with the ever changing trends of website technology. I work with graphic artists that can customize a website to your brand, or create one for you. Together, we will find your path to success, because that is what we do.


 Name Branding is Building a Rocket Ship

name brandingMcDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Walt Disney all have spent, and continue spending huge budgets on advertising. That is why their brand is planted firmly inside the minds of everyone around the world. Although the small business owner can not compete with these super giants, one thing we can do is learn from them. These companies all understand the importance of “Name Branding”. This is the golden key to success on the Internet.

 Is Your Business a Rocket or a Kite?

rocket launchLaunching the website is where it all comes together.  For instance, when you have a superior website than that of your competition, your website will go into orbit and stay there with little effort or fuel.  Therefore, if you are lacking on any of the necessary elements that are needed to compete with other rockets, you are only flying a kite.  After all, you get out what you put in.  It takes a team to build a rocket ship.

Building The Rocket

website outlineWhile some may argue that building a website isn’t rocket science, building a good one is.  With this in mind, your team is your most valuable asset.  In addition to that, your commitment as the team leader is also equally important.  As a matter of fact, without your commitment to win, your business doesn’t have a chance.  Most of all, nothing in life is easy, but if you have the right people on your team who are committed, you will be successful.  Therefore, in conclusion,  we mean it when we say: “Your Success IS Our Business”!

Call me today, and let’s discuss your dream of becoming the next giant in your industry.


(727) 243-7892

Shaun Sadree

(727) 243-7892