Smart Phone Technology

Smart Phone Technology

Smart Phone Technology

A New Age in Advertising is here… and it’s only getting better!

Smart phone technology is advancing, and phone books have all went online.  Some business owners believe that people still use the phone book…this is true, however the number of users diminish away by the day. As a matter of fact, Phone books have become so out-dated in today’s business world.  Moreover, they themselves have gone online.  PC use has been mobile for so long that now even laptops are becoming obsolete …what do you think that has done to the mighty phone book?


A New Age in Website Development

smart phone technologySmart Phone technology has taken over where the laptop computer has fallen short. These hand-held devices are in the hands of millions of consumers and those numbers grow daily. These consumers don’t have time to sit and surf the web to find your website …not that they did before, but now it has become even more challenging to grab visitors.  And also, search engine users don’t spend more than an average of 1 minute and thirty seconds on a website before they find what they want or leave to look for another website that will provide them with what they are looking for… which brings us back to the phone book option.

Smart Phone Technology Is Here to Stay

If you are on a phone book web page, you are listed with everyone else doing and selling what you do. If you are on the top you might see some activity, but if your website is above the phone book listing on the search engine,  you will appear above your competition and capture visitors before they even see the phone book listings.  The phone book mentality is costing you money!  How much longer are you going to lose business to the guy that can be found in his phone?  You see its not the phone that is outdated… its the book.


Look at it this way, how many times do you want to compete with others to get someone to call you? Converting hits into sales can happen in seconds! If you are the one on top and your website has enough information to close the deal …you win.  It is that simple.  One very important fact to remember is: Smart Phone Technology has made it easier to find what people are looking for faster.  The word to remember here is FASTER.  If you are buried under 100 other competitors, your phone won’t ring.


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Website Design

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 Website Design: The Whole Package.

Professional website developers are skilled in what they do not just by what they already know, but these individuals keep their skills strong by learning new methods and trends on a daily schedule. To keep your website on top of the competition it is necessary to keep current with the growing technology. Like computers that require updating every few years, website technology also becomes outdated and will need upgrades too. If a website is constructed with poor structure from the first line of code, an upgrade may require a new website.

Everyone wants to save money, but hiring anyone other than a professional to design and build a website for you may result in costing more money. After talking to clients, and seeing what kind of work is out there I am convinced that the business owner has to take more responsibility to do their research before hiring just anyone for the job.

Convincing a business owner that better performance from his website would bring higher sales volume is not an easy task when the potential client has been scorn so many times over, even when you have a affirmative track record like Sadree Web Design does. Unfortunately, this happens often.

Today, every amateur website builder claims to be a professional and will offer low pricing to get the job. The ugly truth is that Professionals that charge according to industry standards are usually the ones that keep up with the trends. Their price is based on the time they have invested in their craft.


Look at the website above.  Does this represent credibility?  Would you want this as your first impression to your potential customers?  What will they think of your credibility?  What would you think if you were them?  How well would this perform for you compared to other websites on the same page in the search engine results?



Hiring a team of professionals that specialize in their area of expertise will ensure you don’t look like a fool.  Doing the job right the first time will ensure you are getting more value for your money.  Any hack can build a website.  You can build one yourself.  There are so many out there that claim its so easy to build a website and only charge a minimal amount to do it.  Some companies even offer it for free.  The question to ask yourself is:

If it’s that easy to build a website and be found at the top, how come there are billions of websites out there, and only 10 positions on page one?  Also, even if by some stroke of luck or an act of God you do appear on top, would you want your potential customers to see your best first impression as the “rubber duck” stock broker (with over 100 years experience)?  That was a painful experience for him (I’m sure), but that doesn’t have to be you!

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The Importance of a Website

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A website is your marketing vehicle. A business has to reach out to their target market somehow. Without customers, a business is dead in the water. Advertising has always been the market source for businesses to reach their clients, and advertising will continue to be the way. What has changed though, is the type of advertising that will bring better results.

Unfortunately, for the companies that specialize in print advertising, that gravy train is on its way back to the station. Due to long hours at the office and places to visit like Myspace and Facebook, people are spending much more time on-line and basically live most of their lives there. This is no big secret, ask anyone how much time they spend on-line… the results you will get will shock you!

In today’s world, you will need a strong web presence. The value of a website is priceless if you think of how it could return on the investment if done professionally.

Having someone other than a skilled programmer working on the back end (the coding part), and a well versed graphic artist designing the front end will not bring as good returns. A professionally built website is usually done by a team of people, each highly specialized in their area of expertise. Having only one person doing it all for you will leave you behind the more aggressive businesses.

Websites have been around for many years. The sites that have been up for 10 or more years now have the authority to maintain the search engines higher positions, but outdated websites can be easily pushed to lower positions if better websites are presented to the search engine. Unlike print, new websites go live every minute of each day! If you are not interested in a strong web presence for your business starting today, prepare for the worst.

Your website is an important part of your business, make sure you treat it as such.

It’s actually better to have no website at all than to have one that makes your business look bad or even less attractive than your competition.

Your site speaks volumes about your business. It either says: “Hey, look, we take our business so seriously that we have created this wonderful site for our customers!”


or it screams:


“Hey, look, I let my 10-year-old nephew design my site. Good luck finding anything!”

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