About Us

About Us

Our Company

For years, Sadree Web Design focused mainly on Search Engine Optimization. Recently, we have changed our business model to allow business owners to maintain control of their own websites. Based in Webster, Florida, We serve the entire United States and have worked on projects inside and outside of the US. Our core belief is a simple notion that honesty and respect go a long way. We don’t pressure sell or make false promises. We DO lay all expectations on the table up front because we don’t like surprises either.


What We Do

This company was in research and development for many years before we opened our doors to our first paying client. We wanted to make sure we could deliver on what we promise and that is very important to us because we stake our name on that promise.  We have earned a solid reputation in our local area and we plan to grow with our reputation abroad.


Our History

In the beginning, our goal was to find a way to win top positions organically on the main 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).  Back then, SEO wasn’t hard to do.  Today, it has become a much more complex process.

One thing that hasn’t changed after all these years is having a great website is still the best way to the top.  A lot of changes have taken place since we started this company back in 2008, but one thing that we have found to be true is that your company website should always be the first where your customers will decide to hire you.  This has been our best advice for our clients from our first day in business.  We feel so strongly about it that we have made it affordable to all businesses to convert their old, out-dated static  websites to a new dynamic platform that is easy to use on both front and back sides.


Early Beginnings

Shaun has been building websites since the early beginnings, The first website was launched in 2001. In 2002, an opportunity at a possible music career in California found its way to Shaun (through his website).  As a professional musician, Shaun knew that to become big in the music industry, you must look big …so a website that could compete with the big boys of rock was necessary. Marketing became the focus and some would even say, an obsession.

In 2004, he would use this valuable marketing knowledge to build a very successful landscaping business in Florida.  In 2007, work in the landscape industry came to a halt, as the economy took a turn for the worse brought forth a decline in the housing market.

After spending tens of thousands of hard earned dollars on worthless advertising, Shaun Sadree took matters into his own hands and began a journey into the world of search engines. What makes them tick, and what are they looking for?  Shaun hired software engineers and programmers to learn from, and to work with to understand, the business of website optimization.  David Leonard was one of the first to join the team with Shaun Sadree.  Today, Leonard and Sadree continue what started almost a decade ago.