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Today I had an epiphany…

This bad economy is not such a bad thing. Yes, I know I may get some hate mail over this, but before you start to burn up your keyboards America, consider this thought first.

When times were good, there was plenty to go around and everyone was doing well. This was only because people were spending money …if you lost money, SO WHAT? There was more money to come the next business day. There were even people that had NO BUSINESS being in business, and they too were getting rich.

Today, work is scarce. Consumers are not spending like they used to and the business they do are with companies chosen after much research is done on them first. Businesses that don’t operate ethically or lack satisfactory customer service will see less and less sales as time goes on. Eventually, a thinning will occur (as in nature) the weak will die off and the strong will survive. The strong will become tomorrow’s super giants.

It is always sad to see something die, especially when a lot of hard work was involved in the beginning and a lot of money was spent to keep it going. But as with everything in nature, something has to die for something else to live …it’s the cycle of life.

In business, if you want to succeed, you WILL have to work hard and you WILL spend a ton of money. If your decisions are made from a position of power, you will do well. If you react on emotions and your decision making is dependent on mood …you might as well start shopping for a comfortable coffin to rest in, because your business will need one soon.

There is no room for emotions in business, and any hesitations will leave you in the wake of your competitor …remember everyone in your industry is out to win the few jobs out there! To win, you have to be the one on top. Doing what worked well yesterday TODAY will put your business in that coffin.

We at Sadree Web Design are here because we believe in the power of the Internet and have been building a network as large as today’s super giants on the web. We are already seeing the benefits of this new way of thinking in more ways than just financially.

Advertising doesn’t get cheaper than FREE!!! If this doesn’t make you want to look into SEO, then stick with YELLOW and rest in peace my friend.

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