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Our goal is to help stimulate the economy by bringing to the local business community the power of the Internet one business at a time. For those that are online already, but lost in cyber-space… our goal is to help you understand what you have and what you need to help you find your way. We are a family owned small business with some very valuable knowledge that we will openly share with you …or your competition. We don’t “pressure sell” our service because we only want clients that see the value in what we do. Search Engine Optimization is growing in popularity and when it becomes the trend, competition will drive up campaign costs. The time to get on board is right now!

We have a team of talented and highly skilled web programmers and SEO specialists on staff ready to answer any questions you may have regarding a website you currently have that isn’t performing. If you don’t have a website yet and were thinking about getting one call me today for a free estimate.The investment you make today in your business could yield ten fold tomorrow.

The first step to a successful campaign is to understand everything involved. We research your competition, and if we found you, this step was done carefully because we only target potential clients that we can help. Before our representatives make a phone call to a perspective business, their website is carefully looked over from top to bottom and on both front and back sides. The website code is checked to W3C standards for validation and key wording is also scrutinized. Some websites are designed to “fail” or not perform without fuel in the form of

pay-per-click advertising. If you are currently paying a phone book to be on the internet, you may be one of these people. Their goal is to keep you paying, and SEO does the exact opposite. It is not in their best interest to inform you of all of your options. As the owner of a business, it is in your best interest to look outside of their options to find what is best for you. The internet has become such a huge part of our culture so much that people now use it to learn, to shop, and even find a life partner. No matter the size of your business, it is a well known fact the internet is where your product or service will be seen by the most amounts of potential buyers.


If you are one of those businesses that have your staff standing on street corners signaling traffic into your parking lot, consider this: how many more people would you push through your doors if you were visible on Google, Yahoo, or Bing? These cyber street corners can see more than a million visitors each looking for YOUR business! Knowing this fact make standing out there in hit or miss traffic seem foolish. Sure you may nab one or two here and there, but if you want to grow your business into the future, the time to get on board is NOW.


If you already have a website and don’t see any value in it, you may have one of two things going on.The worst case is that you simply don’t know if it is or isn’t working. Many people we talk to openly admit they don’t bother to ask their callers HOW they were found. If you ask people will respond, most won’t offer this information unless you ask for it. The other is not quite as bad only because we can fix that… a website that was built poorly by an amateur or unskilled website developer will never stand above one that has been designed and coded by a professional. Your website might have been built correctly for its time, but now has become outdated.  Like computers, websites become out dated too …Sorry.


There are many factors to consider before building a website. Quality websites aren’t just thrown together. Great care goes into the design to ensure visually it will attract your visitors to your contact information and have enough good content to make them want to use it. The way to maximize the return on your website investment is to take the time to study each and every aspect of your business, and target market, then create your “brand” and build a website and a SEO campaign around it. Making you stand out from everyone else in your industry is our goal.


Do You Stand Out?

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